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It is not us, it’s you who make things happen, we only assist you to make the happening easier!!

Hello viewers, A big thanks first of all that you have showed interest in our organization and believe you me that it will be worth taking a tour of this virtual platform where we have try and put every possible information about the organization its work culture and minutest details about our product and services. Its way back in the year 2009 me Rana Mukherjee, & my good friend and colleague Mr. Sujit Bose had a dream as every other individual, to do something out of the box, the dream was the same, the same amount of passion was there as well as others would have, but the only Significant difference was we chose what we were good at and its IT for sure.

We both had a decent career going on in our respective areas; fortunately our education was also good enough which got us some good career opportunity, but destiny has planned something else, we both got together on numerous occasions and finally decides to do it on our own. This is when ACE started to take shape it was then a dream of two passionate IT lovers and now has become a full team of young, passionate bunch of people. We have come a long way since and as they say we collected every stones came our way and made them milestones. The challenges were immense, difficulties were pouring but we found right people at the right time which made rather making this journey more than exciting. A two laptop and two chair company has a place now whom we call office with a decent number of young passionate family members whom we termed as colleague.

Service was, is and will be our orientation and the sole principal of our organization, it’s never we have compromised on and sustaining without. There is no industry we haven’t reached yet and there is no difficulty we avoided to deal. Dear visitors we are sure and pretty much confident that you will find your questions answered by visiting the website if not we very much available to answer those in person as well, just wants to mention one final thing here it was a genuine and honest effort of doing things passionately and professionally that’s what we are doing till today, we have met some wonderful persons during this journey keeping so many of them as our satisfied clients and hoping that we’ll continue the same level of effort and add more and more satisfying clients in our tally. Thank You.



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We make conscious efforts to provide supporting artifacts that reflect the complete process of the desired project.
Picking a software solution is easy, but if you want to make customizations, you can contact our support and get helped to make them easy...
Keeping a web link of any organisation is easy, but to make it presentable innovative yet simple, you can contact our support and get helped to make them easy...

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